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Jiro Suzuki was born in August 1988 in Nagano and spent his childhood in Hokkaido and Ishigaki island.

Jiro’s journey started in 2011 when he set off to find something he can be passionate about. 

In this journey, he lived in Australia for a year, Canada for a year and 4 other countries as well. Jiro met some amazing artists such as musicians and painters, who inspired him to be an artist.

In 2014, he officially started drawing in Japa with self taught techniques.

Using poster color paints and acrylic paints on canvas, he expresses perfect colors and shapes of mountains, oceans, skies, animals, and plants.

All of these are expressed so beautifully and mysteriously.

Jiro combines all of these without any rules or limitations from imagination. 

He believes that we can live our lives in the same way.

His message is to share every moment with all the lives on this peaceful planet.

Jiro plans to participate in the JCAT Exhibition, Made in Japan 2020.



Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.